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DSS Files 2001
News Page
Stalking Charge By Kayela 03
Phelps rept. 9 / 11/ 03 p 1-9
Phelps Rept 9/11/03 p 10 thru 19
Original Divorce Decree 2002

This site is an electronic diary, a site of documentation for the sole purpose of seeking help for an abused child upon her own request.
All documents are original scans from the agencies who created them.  Any thoughts and opinions are my own.  I am exercising my rights of freedom of speech. 
This is MY site.  If you do not like the contents, my thoughts, my opinions or the documentation, you have the option to exit it, so please do so. 

There are more files than this I need to add.  I have to find the disk I put them all on.  All of them did not come at the same time to us.  DSS amaznigly, every time we asked for reports sent us more we never had before on these same reports, in essence...they kept pages from us in the beginning.  Interesting huh?

2001 DSS Files

The blacked out portions are what DSS blacked out "redacted".  I am unclear as to why some of it on the hotline call report is blacked out.  It would very interesting to know why.  We do know who some of the reporters were.  Comments will follow each page shown.

The Referral Page

The incident numbers on this are:

Page 1

R=Reporter=Ron.  1=Kayela. B=Brandon ( Ron's son ). C=Chelsea ( Ron's Daughter ). Janna Clark= Head of DSS office.  NOTE** In 2003, Janna's adult son will sexually abuse Brandon ( Founded by DSS ).

Page 2

Page 3

It is unknown to us who made this hotline call but from police reports it came from one of the neighbors.  The reports from police don't say which neighbor, just says neighbor.

Page 4

R=Fredrick, Ron's brother.  Lived with his mom, Terry in same apt. complex as Kayela.  Just across the lot from her.  5=Roger Cromwell who DID live in the house with Kayela.  6=Philip Ames who also lived in the apt. with Kayela. B=Chelsea ( Ron's daughter ).  1=Kayela ( Ron's ex wife ).

Page 5

After Kayela was under investigation for the above issues, she tried to turn it around on us and made a crazy allegation that I had sexually abused Brandon!  At the time, there was no custody between Kayela and Ron and Ron was talking about getting the children out of that home.  This would be unsubstantiated by DSS.

Page 6

1.  It took the police 2 hours to get to Kayela's home.
2.  The people who lived in the home were: Kayela, Billy, Alberta Troxell, Kimberly Buskey- now Laycock who was Alberta's adult daughter.  Philip Ames- boyfriend of Alberta's.  Roger Cromwell- boyfriend of Kimberly's. Brandon and Chelsea ( Ron's children ).  Kayela in interrogatories in 2003 will turn around and list everyone above.  I'll get those loaded on the site as well, when I get to them.
3.  I did live with Kayela and Ron at one point.  Ron lost his one job and his second job, the hours were cut down to 9 per month.  Kayela is the one who asked me to move in, not Ron.  I moved in to help them with bills because of their financial difficulties. 
4.  Kayela's accusations of the "threesome" are bull.  Just more accusations to try to get us in trouble to get focus off of herself!
5.  Ron has every right to call the school to check on his children and that is what he did since Kayela would not answer the phone after this incident happened.  He is their father.  He was worried.
6.  Kayela is the one who told this worker that the kids were scared of us.  the kids were never scared of us.  The kids were glued to me when I lived there.  Kayela is the one who screamed and hollered at them, which later in 2004 it is founded on her and Billy for verbal abuse of the children.  I'll be adding all of that too.

Page 7

1.  I had just found my mother in California in 2000.  I went to visit her in 2001 for the first time.
2.  My mom had given me an old photograph of LONG DEAD people that were related to us that were part of the mafia.  I never threatened her with this.  How are long dead people going to accomplish this?  I'll be uploading this photo later that my mom gave me.
3.  The interesting part of this is, while Ron was in AZ before and during all of this, Kayela was sending Ron letters wanting to get back with him.  If he was soooo abusive, then why would she be doing this and why behind her "boyfriend's back"?  The guy she will soon marry, Billy.
4.  Ron and I were NOT together at this time.  He had been working in California with a fire support crew and when fire season ended, he had no place to go.  He asked if he could stay with me and I wrote Kayela and asked if this were a problem and she said no.  Up to this point, I was even PAYING for her storage garage to try to help her out some.  She did not seem to have a problem with me paying for her storage shed, but this is what she does in return.  I stopped paying it.
5.  Kayela left Brandon in peed clothing all day while I lived with them.  Ron was at work, I was at work.  We got home and Brandon still had on the clothing he had peed in the night before.  Kayela was going to send him back to bed in the wet bed, peed sheets and clothing.  Kayela screamed at Brandon to take a shower when I told her she could not put him in bed like this.  Brandon and Kayela got into a tiff and I told Brandon he did not want to go to school smelling yukky, the kids would laugh at him.  Brandon asked if I would help him with his hair.  He did not want his mom doing it.  I said I would.  Ron was in the bathroom shaving, Kayela was in the door way of the bathroom talking to Ron.  I ran Brandon's water, got him in the tub, took the sheets off the bed into the washer, flipped the mattress ( it was too late at night to try to clean it ), helped him wash his hair while both Kayela and Ron were in the bathroom and helped him rinse off.  Same thing I would do for my OWN children.  I could not leave this child in peed God he smelled terrible!  This is not the first time she would leave him in clothing like this.

Page 8

1.  Burkholder said she never told Whisenand the DSS worker, that Ron escalatedin anger.  Burkholder had Ron fax this page of the report to her.  She then called Ron back and said she did not say this and would testify to this in court and to have Ron subpoena her.  She also said she told the worker that she could not stop Ron if he came to get the children as no custody had been set.
2.  We have further documents where Kayela told Burkholder there was an ex-parte out on Ron.  Ron's mom told the school that this was not true.  School called court house and found it was in fact, not true.  Kayela had lied.
3.  Kayela also had tried to tell the school that she gave her mom custody of the kids through court.  The school also found out this was not true.  Kayela's mom at no time in this had any custody of the children and still doesn't.
4.  I asked Chelsea if she told them that we were mean and she said she never said that to the worker.  She said she didn't even talk to the worker.  That it was a lie.  Look at my guest book on this link.
Chelsea makes several posts on there as of very recently, Feb 07 that she wants to live with us.  If we were soooo mean, why would she want to live with us.  Check out what she writes.
5.  It is interesting that the worker never signed this report too.  That is because there are MORE PAGES to this report we will find later when we requested the reports the second time that DSS conveniently left out.  I will put those up when I get to those records.
6.  This worker tried to refuse to give Ron the records in the first place.  They can't deny the records to Ron.  Police also refuse to give Ron a lot of the police records to do with this, citing that the victim was a child.  True, but legally they can't do that because Ron is the father.  We WILL get these records in our upcoming lawsuit.

Page 9

Never Give Up Hope