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Stalking Charge Kayela Brought On Ron 2003 Just After End Of Custody Hearings

DSS Files 2001
News Page
Stalking Charge By Kayela 03
Phelps rept. 9 / 11/ 03 p 1-9
Phelps Rept 9/11/03 p 10 thru 19
Original Divorce Decree 2002

During court on custody issues 2003, Judge asked Kayela if she were going to get the kids to school and on time.  She said yes.
The following next school day just after court judgment, Kayela sends Billy to our house with the kids, late for school again and had Billy ask if we would go to their house and wake them up so the kids would not be late for school.  He wanted us to take the kids to school this day and we did.
Ron then went to Kayela's house with the court order in hand with my son, Robert.  Ron asked Kayela if she was going to be responsible for getting the kids to school or not.  ROn did this per the judge's statements to BOTH Kayela and Ron, that if an issue arised, they were supposed to talk it out.  That will be on transcripts which I will be getting and adding to the site.
Kayela blew up at Ron and screamed at him and told him to get off her property.  Ron was on the side walk and not on her property.  She then threatened to have him arrested for HARRASSMENT. 
Then she turns and files this stalking charge.
Of course, it went before a different judge than the one from court on custody, so this judge had no idea about what went on in court on the custody.  But, the dismissed this anyway.  Thankfully.  Kayela had no evidence.  She also LIED in her statements as you will see.

1.  Yes, Ron went by at least 3 times a day.  It was the main road for him to get to and from work, so that is 2 times right there.  I also had Dr. appts at the hospital for my back as I blew a disk and had physical therapy, the road to get to that went by their house. 
2.  She moved over by us, we lived there first.  She was about 2 blocks away from us.
3.  Ron told her she had decisions to make, being if she were going to follow the court order or not and get the kids to school or not. 
4.  We did not have anyone following her.  Later in 05 it would come to light she has Paranoia, per psych eval.  Which I will put on here.

Stalking Charge Page 1

Page 2:  On # 12, Kayela states there were no other court cases etc. brought before the court.  She puts NA on it.  There was the custody order that JUST was finished ( the modification on custody ).  Interesting she does not state that though.

Stalking Charge Page 2

Stalking Charge Page 3

1. The decisions were if she was going to follow the court order or not and get the kids to school or not.
2.  He did not tell her to move out of state.  Kayela had come to our house during the court hearing saying they were thinking of moving to Waterloo, Iowa as Billy has relatives there.  This was not even mentioned at this encounter.
3. Ron was not banned from Thrasher's.  In fact, Thrasher was angry because Kayela did not tell him that Brandon was on a med by another psychiatrist.  Thrasher was the family doctor.  Thrasher had given Brandon Zoloft, the other psych Dr. had him on Remeron.  Neither knew of the other's meds.  It caused Brandon to have a reaction which we had to take him to the ER over.
4. Ron does not use the children to do anything to her.  Kayela was the one who was abusing them and keeping them from Ron.  If that is not emotional abuse on the children AND Ron then I don't know what is!
5.  Ron was not banned from the Health Dept.  See the letter below from Health Dept.  Kayela tried to say the DSS worker, Doug Dowdy said this.  Doug says he did not tell her this.
6. The hotlines Ron called in were for the ringworm untreated by her on Brandon.  We were MANDATORY reporters.
7.  Ron was threatened by Janna Clark at DSS, she was head of the office.  This happened when Ron and I tried to tell Janna that the children were reporting that Brian ( who turns out to be Janna's son ) was trying to touch the children sexually in July 03.  Brian later DID sexually abuse Brandon.  I think it is interesting that Kayela knows DSS threatened Ron with harassment. 
8.  Ron can't make doctors or schools call in hotlines on her.  School called them in because of her not getting them to school and the conditions of the children at school.  Filthy, lice. etc.
9.  Dr. called in hotline because she left Brandon constipated for 3 days to the point he was sick which we took him to the ER.  AND Dr. hotlined it because of the ringworm on Brandon that went untreated 2 to 3 months MINIMUM by Kayela.
We had nothing to do with that other than getting Brandon treated.

Stalking Charge Page 4

Stalking Charge Page 5

Letter From Health Dept. Ron was NOT banned.

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