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Original Divorce Decree 2002

DSS Files 2001
News Page
Stalking Charge By Kayela 03
Phelps rept. 9 / 11/ 03 p 1-9
Phelps Rept 9/11/03 p 10 thru 19
Original Divorce Decree 2002

Original Divorce Decree from 2002

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For Page 3:  #6- Reasonable Visitation.  There is no way to define the word "reasonable" as we were told by police.  So if Kayela didn't want Ron seeing his children...she didn't have to.
#9.  Ron was in Army National Guard. 

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For page 5.  Kayela doesn't have to put anything down for visitation?  they will DISCUSS IT?  She had no intentions of ever letting Ron see his children.  Read this so called parenting plan.  It is INSANE.

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Page 7:  Now, if you looked at the DSS report for 2001, you will see how she tried to get Ron into trouble and me as well.  How she was going to move with the children out of town to keep them from Ron.  Ron had to call the school just to check on his children because she would not answer her phone.  She had Roger at one point answer the phone to tell Ron that if he TRIED to call his children, she would press harassment. 
How is Ron supposed to see his children if she is NOT letting him.  Ron did have contact though. 
1.  He sent gifts to them, which she gave away to other people and would not let the children play with.  Brandon took the camera Ron got him over to Terry's so his mom would not throw it away.
2.  The letters and cards Ron sent, Kayela told the kids he never sent any.  Ron's brother, Fredrick knew he sent them and told the kids to ask their mom to get them from the closet.  Kayela was mad, but she did get them and gave them to the children.  SO, he had as much contact as he could muster and her allow.  She is LYING.

Page 7

Ron is entitled to the children's educational records.  Kayela didn't even want him having anything to do with their educational needs or medical needs. 
Why?  Because she wasn't even taking the children to school half of the time.  Eventually this will lead to founded educational neglect in 2004 on Kayela.
As for medical and Ron having to get her "permission" to take the children to the doctor is NOT in the children's best interest.  What happens if they get sick and we can't reach her?  Apparently she did not care about that. 
In 03 when Brandon had the ringworm, she tried to say we could not take Brandon to the doctor, she cited this court order.  Our atty told us to take him anyway because any judge would be out of their mind to deny a child medical treatment.  So, WE took him to the ER.
Any mother who would deny their child medical care like that is obviously not concerned about her children's health.

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